Introducing Our Machine Shop Services.

Rebuild Services for Every Manufacturing Industry

Our machine shop is equipped to offer comprehensive rebuild services to meet the needs of diverse manufacturing industries.
We specialize in the repair and rebuilding of rotating equipment, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.


We excel in rebuilding gearboxes of various sizes and types, providing smooth power transmission for industrial machinery.

Centrifugal Pumps

We offer professional rebuild services for centrifugal pumps, restoring their functionality & improving fluid capabilities.


Our machine shop can rebuild blowers, enhancing airflow and pressure generation for industrial applications.

Electric Motors

We have the expertise to rebuild electric motors, restoring their power and efficiency for various manufacturing processes.
Our Services

Gearbox Repairs

At ITM Precision Gearbox Repairs, we take great pride in our expertise in evaluating and pinpointing the root cause of gearbox failures and any other issues that could lead to additional downtime. Our highly skilled technicians are dedicated to thoroughly dismantling and cleaning your equipment to identify the reasons behind the failure.

Typically, all gearboxes undergo dismantling, cleaning, and comprehensive inspections before proceeding with repairs. Gear teeth are carefully tested for cracks and flaws using Mag Particle Testing. Additionally, all Babbitt Bearings undergo Ultrasonic Bond Testing, while Shaft Journals are meticulously checked for scoring and proper running clearances. Any necessary repairs are performed in our state-of-the-art machining facility. We replace all ball or roller bearings and oil seals, and the gearbox casings are blasted and coated with a durable oil-resistant coating.

Coaxial Helical Inline
Bevel Helical
Skew Bevel Helical
Worm Reduction

Our Shop Capabilities

Precision Machining
Precision Grinding O.D. & I.D.
Precision CNC Milling & Boring
Surface Grinding
CNC Turning

Pump Overhaul Procedure

Perform initial inspections
Conduct electrical testing with our A.W.A. machine on submersible pumps to detect winding damage
Carefully dismantle the pump and perform mechanical fit checks
Carry out any necessary repairs on-site
Meticulously repair parts in need of attention
Media blast, coat, paint, and reassemble the pump
A general overhaul includes replacing all bearings, mechanical seals, and LIP seals.

Submersible Pumps / Testing

At ITM Precision Gearbox Repairs, we specialize in overhauling, repairing, and testing various types and sizes of submersible pumps. Our 1000-gallon submersible pump testing tank allows us to accurately run the pump and test it under load, simulating its working environment. This ensures thorough diagnosis, leak-free repairs, and proper testing of the pump’s capacity in its actual end-use application, adhering to OEM standards.

We also offer specialty pump products, such as Coating, Sensors, and Winding Protection, upon request, to enhance the pump’s life and performance.

Compressor / Blower Repairs

At ITM Precision Gearbox Repairs, we offer basic and advanced repair services, overhaul services, and component manufacture for all types of compressors and blowers. Our comprehensive services include in-house machining, Babbitt bearing repairs, and dynamic balancing. Our dedicated technical team is available 24/7, minimizing costly downtime and resolving compressor / blower issues swiftly and efficiently.

Pump Overhauls

We, at ITM Precision Gearbox Repairs, excel at expertly evaluating and identifying the reasons behind pump failures. The causes of pump failure or malfunction could include impeller damage, worn shafts, mechanical seal and bearing failure, cavitation, and excessive wear ring clearances.

Pump Types

Deep well
Lobe & Slurry
Gear & Piston

Repair Services

General Rebuild / Recondition
Machine Shop Services
Shaft Alignments
Vibration Analysis
Hydrostatic Testing
Control Panel Troubleshooting
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